60mm Fan Filter

60mm Fan Filter

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This fan guard is made of durable plastic and houses a reuseable filter designed to clean contaminants from the air flowing into your case.

Dust is the enemy of electronics. Reduce the amount of dust collecting on your precious hardware with a filter fan guard. Even a slight dusting of particles acts as an insulator, denying components from adequately dissipating heat.

When the filter becomes clogged with dust bunnies or similar debris, you can quickly remove it from its plastic housing, rinse it in warm, soapy water, and allow it to drip dry. In a few minutes, it's ready to reinstall.

Although impossible to eliminate dust totally from your system, required cleanings will become somewhat less frequent with the use of a filter fan guard.

Our filter fan guards come in a variety of sizes. The 60mm Filter Fan Guard is shown here. Screws are sold separately in our fan accessories section.

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60mm Fan Filter  

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