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Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775

Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775

Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775

Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775

Product Description & Info

The development of kryos was the most expensive CPU coolers development in the history of Aqua Computer. It can be seen at Resulatat them from the outside not too much, but every little detail in many variations has been simulated , manufactured and tested . In about 70 tiles and 20 nozzle plate types were produced for letztetendlich tests - all in the CAD developed variants together are more than 1000 There were also many test setups and tests. The test scores were in the end a more than comprehensive figures. All this in order to get the last 1 / 10 K and to bring the cooler to where we wanted to have him at the absolute best in the world . This was tested in our tests against all known competitors and there was this only one goal: to be better than the rest of the world. In our tests, we have achieved this , there are currently 15 cuplex kryos travel worldwide to prove at trial sides so independently - we are anxious days in the nights .

The basic principle of the cooler is quite simple and is similar to that of the strong again cuplex pro. The water is injected centrally and then passes through a copper microstructure in the soil, compared to many Mitbwerbern from individual PINs and does not consist of slots. This structure has it all : He cuplex kryos 1911 individual copper pins. The structure size of the pins is 0.25 x0 , 45mm and almost everyone PIN is different in its geometry .

Stark has been revised and the retention mechanism . This is now necessary for the kryos metal versions also due to the higher weight, a version used, which makes it impossible to tighten the screws to different degrees or over . Through special thumbscrews , there is now a defined stop . In addition, the top model with nickel-plated shell also a backplate including rubber insulation is included.

From cuplex kryos we offer 6 versions:
The high-performance versions cuplex kryos XT and cuplex kryos HF are the versions for those who want to get out last 1 / 10 ° C. They have a nickel-plated brass shell (XT ) and an upper part made of copper (HF ), the new complex including backplate bracket and thus offers a very attractive appearance and maximum power. The internal structure of the cuplex kryos HF is identical to that of the other variants, however, are the connecting thread brought out with greater distance to allow the use of larger ports.

The cuplex kryos PRO differs by running in pure brass cap and a back plate located not included . The performance is identical to the XT.

As a cheap entry level version , there is the cuplex kryos Delrin. Here is the top part made of Delrin and the mounting system was taken over by cuplex XT Tues As a guide : The Kόhlleitsung on a i7 -960 is our test about 0.3 - 0.5 ° C behind the other versions. Thus you can always call one of the very best performing CPU coolers his own, and this at a very reasonable price!

If you are looking then the special, for which there is direct to the market launch of the cuplex kryos .925 silver edition . As the name suggests, this is the cooler floor plate made of solid .925 sterling silver it produced . The thermal conductivity is thus more than 10 % above that of the other versions, and so this version yet reached even better results. The surcharge for this version is for the high silver listing again to 120 cuplex kryos XT or cuplex kryos HF so as to obtain but in today's times, a safe investment and, at least according to our Kentnisstand the best CPU cooler in the world.

Comparison of the different variants of the cuplex kryos :

Feature Comparison Delrin PRO XT HF silver edition
Prestressed floor • • • • •
Cooler material Copper Copper Copper Copper .925 Silver
Number Kupferpins / Silberpins 1911 1911 1911 1911 1911
Cover Material Delrin Brass, Nickel plated brass Copper nickel-plated brass or copper
Screw •        
Screw-on with a defined stop   • • • •
Back Plate ( optional) ( optional) • • •
Connecting thread ; distance G 1 / 4 , 20.5 mm G 1 / 4 , 20.5 mm G 1 / 4 , 20.5 mm G 1 / 4 , 23.75 mm G 1 / 4 , 20.5 mm and 23.75 mm

- Mounted radiator
- Mounting kit (screws , springs, etc. )
- thermal compound Prolimatech PK -1 , about 1 gram in foil packaging

Please note:
The connecting threads are executed as G1 / 4 thread, please order to the appropriate diameter hose connections used by you separately.

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Aqua Compuer Cuplex Kryos XT for Socket 1366/1156/1155/775

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