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Aqua Computer Multiswitch USB 1.41

Aqua Computer Multiswitch USB 1.41

Aqua Computer Multiswitch USB 1.41

Product Description & Info
The multiswitch is the ultimate controlling unit for your PC. It gets connected to your PC about USB and can be controlled over the enclosed aquasuite software or direct at the device. Its 8 main channels are able to switch electrical powers of 1A. E.g. you can can use it for the control of fans or cold cathodes. Besides the pure on/off turning it is also possible to dim these channels at the use of cold cathodes in 26 stages. Besides the 8 main channels another switching output with a potential-free relay output stands max. 24V, 4A is available. Another 8 dimmable channels are in addition available for LED effects. Altogether 17 channels can be controlled through the multiswitch.

Besides simply switching over the aquasuite software the channels can also be controlled with recorded macros or scripts. Effortful effects are therefore possible. The scripts or also macros can be called directly by the multiswitch. They can respectively be assigned to one of the 8 buttons at the device. E.g. it is comfortably possible to call effects or settings (day, night, lanparty etc.) at the device. The LEDs at the device show the state of the 8 main channels.

An interface to the optional connection of up to two aquastream controllers is integrated into the multiswitch. Over the enclosed Windows software the function status of the pump can be monitored as well as depending on controller revision and firmware the pumping power can be regulated (refer to the manual for further details).

Besides the use as a USB device the multiswitch can be connected with the aquaero over the aquabus. In this case it is controlled directly through the aquaero or out of the aquasuite.

In addition to the known functions it is possible here to use the channels of the multisiwitch as a bar graph. Through this LEDs or cold cathodes can be used as a bar graph which shows the values provided by the aquaero like ventilation-performance, temperatures, flow rate etc.

As always the firmware of the multiswitch can be updated out of the aquasuite. Therefore further functions are feasible.

Test the aquasuite software with the demo-mode: On our support site you can download the latest version of the aquasuite for free and start it in a demo-mode. In this mode your are able to see the menus and screens of the multiswitch.
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Aqua Computer Multiswitch USB 1.41

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