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Aqua Computer Poweradjust USB (with mounting kit)

Aqua Computer Poweradjust USB (with mounting kit)

Aqua Computer Poweradjust USB (with mounting kit)

Product Description & Info

The poweradjust USB controller was developed by aqua computer especially for the control of Laing DDC pumps. The controller distributes a programmable direct voltage (no PWM). For the Laing pumps the followings features are integrated:

- Parameter set start burst.
- Measuring of the maximum speed
- Parameter set deceleration program
- Firm output voltage or manually selected speed
- Characteristics for the speed are fully configurable
- Passing the rpm-signal of the pump to the mainboard, or generate an artificial rpm-signal which stops in case of errors
- Monitoring of rpm-signal with a renewed burst at standstill
- Programmable jumpers for different pre-defined output powers
- USB communication to the PC.
- Comfortable software for the configuration of the poweradjust USB
- Completely integrated into the software aquasuite

As a small extra the poweradjust USB has connectivity for a flow rate sensor including the possibility for fault detection.

Moreover, the poweradjust USB also has an alternative power output which can be used for other pumps or very efficient fans with rpm-signal. The maximum load capacity is 2.5A at 12V (30W total load capacity).

At heavy usage, primarily at a low output voltage, the circuit board layout allows the exchange of the passive cooling block with a water-cooled block (optional accessories).

Other than the poweradjust LT, this poweradjust comes with a mounting kit and a front cover.

Scope of delivery:
1x poweradjust USB
1x Connection adaptor for Laing DDC Pump
1x Internal USB connection cable (5-pin), 70 cm
1x RPM signal cable
1x Software CD aquasuite
1x Manual

Test the aquasuite software with the demo-mode:
On our support site you can download the latest version of the aquasuite for free and start it in a demo-mode. In this mode your are able to see the menus and screens of the poweradjust.

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Aqua Computer Poweradjust USB (with mounting kit)

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