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aquatube G1/4 Copper Edition

aquatube G1/4 Copper Edition

aquatube G1/4 Copper Edition

aquatube G1/4 Copper Editionaquatube G1/4 Copper Editionaquatube G1/4 Copper Edition

Product Description & Info

The aquatube is a reservoir like you can practically not imagine. It can be filled effortlessly through its big opening and it also offers optimal control possibilities for the rate of flow. The aquatube has five threads on the top and bottom which allows an easy mounting to the case. The aquatube is completely leak-proof and thus can be mounted in every position. With this reservoir the filling turns into child`s play. Next to the excellent functionality of the container it shines with a special design. The aquatube is lathed and milled from massive copper and therefore extremely durable.

Please note that due to the relatively soft material (copper), the surface may have light scratches!

The G1/4 edition offers a total of five G1/4" threads in the bottom and side.

Dimensions: d=79mm l=70mm, v=160 cm³.
Material: Container: copper, lid: Plexiglas, screws: stainless steel.

Contents: water reservoir with Plexiglas lid, 3 sealing plugs, 10 stainless steel screws M4 for installation.

Please note:
Fittings are not included in delivery, please order separately. Threads are G 1/4.




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aquatube G1/4 Copper Edition

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