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Cardkeeper CK03-1225 with SLI Slot & Liquid Cooling Support

Cardkeeper CK03-1225 with SLI Slot & Liquid Cooling Support

Cardkeeper CK03-1225 with SLI Slot & Liquid Cooling Support

Product Description & Info
Discontinued indefinitely by Cardkeeper. CK08-1225 is the replacement model.

This model was specifically designed to support the ATI Radeon HD 2850 X2 and 4870 X2 with metal back plates. Additional cards are supported. Cards weight approximately 27 ounces. Dual Card Crossfire configurations are also supported.

As the size and mass of high performance graphics cards grow larger to accommodate processor, memory and thermal requirements, retaining and increasing the stability of the board with an additional support is an important consideration for insuring reliability of the card by protecting it from the stress and shock that occurs when a system is transported.


One of the most common reasons for a PC system to fail (DOA) or malfunction at any time, no matter how expensive the components or meticulous the manufacturing and testing process, is the simple fact that AGP and PCI add in cards can fail to work properly due to becoming dislodged from their motherboard slots during shipment or any movement of the PC. This problem, which is well known within the industry, has been publicly acknowledged by leading PC corporations Intel and DELL.

Intel AGP Developers Forum:
"...shock and vibration conditions during shipment and cassis induced card back-out result in the need for a secondary anchor of the (AGP) card....it is recommended that all PC's incorporate an AGP retainer in addition to the current I/O mounting bracket retention method." http://agpforum.org.

DELL Computer recent patent application:
"....Current AGP video cards and PCI expansion cards have the tendency to become unseated during shipment and during handling of the computer during the manufacturing process. This problem is an industry wide issue." DELL Patent No. 6,256,191,B1

CARDKEEPER offers system builders and case modifiers a simple and cost effective solution to the industry wide problem of AGP & PCI card retention. If you frequent LAN parties or regularly transport your machine, CARDKEEPERs are essential. CARDKEEPER AGP & PCI interface card retention devices are used worldwide by manufacturers and end users that desire enhanced reliability and protection of their systems.

Note: This Cardkeeper model is Gray, as shown in the first image.
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Cardkeeper CK03-1225 with SLI Slot & Liquid Cooling Support

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