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Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Coolant - Blue (concentrate)

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Coolant - Blue (concentrate)

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Coolant - Blue (concentrate)

Product Description & Info

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro

(translated from German)

The Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Green is the innovation of coolant for the use in water coolings of High-End PC systems! If it was recently only possible with few transparent coolants to protect the own water cooling efficiently, offers Coollaboratory with the new coolant a genuine innovation.

Coollaboratory succeeded it with the new product to unite the different advantages on the market available coolants in one product. The Coolant ensures an uncompromising long-term protection against corrosion for all blocked components.

In contrast to other products not only when using copper and aluminum, but expressly also when using the mentioned and other metals in the mixing process. Like that it is no matter, whether the contact areas of the radiators are made of copper, aluminum, brass, nickel or steel, the corrosion protection is completely developed and extremely long-term stable within shortest time. The coolant can be used problem-free over at least 24 months in the water cooling, whereas particularly inserted and co-ordinate inhibitors provide a perfect protection.

Note: For a long-term use of the water cooling in connection with the Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro is the use of PUR hoses misadvised. Due to its composition and high susceptibility, PUR hoses are not suitable opposite ethyl glycol and other chemicals. Recommendable are PE, PA, PTFE and PVC hoses, such as Tygon and Durelene tubing from Saint Gobain performance plastics.

Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro is here available as a concentrate with a content of 100ml, which has to be mixed at a ratio of 1:9 with distilled water and produced so the same performance and long-term effect as the finished mixture.

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Coollaboratory Liquid Coolant Pro Coolant - Blue (concentrate)  

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