Delta 40x10mm EFB0412HA

Delta 40x10mm EFB0412HA

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The EFB0412HA is our first 40x10mm  Delta part. The HA model is found in the middle of the EFB04 chart. It features a decent amount of air movement while not being too obnoxiously loud. A 3-pin connector with tachometer monitoring is standard on this part, but customers that want a small 2-pin connector instead have the option below. 

Specifications: 40x40x10mm, 6.92 CFM @ 6000 RPM, 28.5 dBA, 0.96 watt .08 amp, 12v DC, 3-pin connector, ball bearing. Weight is 14.5 grams. Complete part # EFB0412HA-F00
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Delta 40x10mm EFB0412HA

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