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Delta PFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

Delta PFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

Delta PFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

Product Description & Info
The PFB series is one of Delta's newest DC Fan product lines introduced in 2006. This model, PFB0812UHE, has features that are similar to the FFB and TFB line but with a bit higher  price. It outputs almost identical CFM as TFB0812UHE but with 4 decibels less noise. The PFB0812UHE also has noticeably more open airflow/exhaust area on the fan's surface. This is because PFB0812UHE has only 7 Directional Fins instead of 11. Hub diameter is the same on this part. Another big factor with this part is its power requirements as you'll see below. We've made a simple comparison chart below outlining some additional differences between the PFB0812UHE and TFB0812UHE.



Delta Part # TFB0812UHE PFB0812UHE
CFM 106.26 107.30
Noise dB(A) 65.0 61.0
RPM 8000 7500
Weight (grams) 175g 205g
# of Directional Blades 11 7
# of Fan Blades 9 9
Rated Current - Amps (startup) 2.34a 1.86a
Rated Current - Amps (sustained) 1.85a 1.55a
Rated Input Power - Watts 22.20w 18.60w
VDC Range 7.0 to 13.2v 7.0 to 13.2w
Maximum Air Pressure - mm H0 38.60 34.75

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Specifications: 80x80x38mm, 107.30 CFM @ 7500 RPM, 61.0 dBA, 18.60 watts, 1.55 amps, Maximum Air Pressure 34.75 mm HO, 12v DC, 3 or 3+4 pin Molex header connector(s).

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Delta PFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

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