Delta TFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

Delta TFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

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Since the initial release in 2000, the design team at Delta has been hard at work refining their patented directional fin design. The Delta TFB0812UHE  is the highest performing 80x38 mm fan available. A hearty 106 CFM is pumped out of its 38mm form factor, making it the new king of 80mm fans. It is also by far the loudest at 65.0 dBA. Some Asus motherboards are purported to output 30 watts combined on motherboard headers, and may be able to support this part in 3-pin configuration. We still recommend split connectors on this model. If your fan controller supports at least 22 watts per channel, the 3-pin option is available below. Our 25w rheostat is also appropriate for this model. 

A comparative overview of our Delta part versus Vantec's Tornado fan is shown below, which was highly regarded as the most powerful 80mm fan available. Delta's TFB0812UHE flows over 40% more cubic feet of air per minute than the Vantec Tornado. 

Manufacturer Delta Vantec/Sunon
Part # TFB0812UHE TD8038H / PMD1208PMB1
RPM 8000 5700
Decibels 65.0 55.2
Airflow in CFM 106.00 84.1
Wattage 22.20 9.10
Amperage 1.85 0.76
Air Pressure 38.60 18.79

Specifications: 80x80x38mm, 106.26 CFM @ 8000 RPM, 65.0 dBA, 22.20 watts, 1.85 amps, Maximum Air Pressure 38.60 mm HO, 12v DC, 3 or 3+4 pin Molex header connector(s).

Important note: Please use caution when handling this part, always take care to mount any Delta parts before use as it can cause bodily harm at 8000 RPM.

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Delta TFB0812UHE 80x38mm Ultra High Speed

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