EK-FC Link GeForce

EK-FC Link GeForce

EK-FC Link GeForceEK-FC Link GeForceEK-FC Link GeForce

Product Description & Info

FC Links cannot be combined together, as it was physically impossible to construct all to line-up. Meaning you can only use EK-FC Link R48X0/58X0 in one setup without combining them with other two Link options.

High quality connecting link for your favorite waterblocks.
Link is made of high quality POM Acetal.
Please note that link is not a standalone unit and needs to be used with one of EK-FC Bridge series to make it fully functional.

You need one FC LInk piece for one FC Block.

Link is compatible with:
- EK-FC285 GTX
- EK-FC 285 GTX PCB V2
- EK-FC275 GTX
- EK-FC285 GTX EVGA Classified
- EK-FC470 GTX
- EK-FC480 GTX

- SLI LInk part
- 4 o-ring gaskets
- all mounting screws comes with EK-FC Bridge part

Installation Manual

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EK-FC Link GeForce

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