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Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV BLACK - 1 Liter

Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV BLACK - 1 Liter

Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV BLACK - 1 Liter

Product Description & Info

Feser One is the only coolant you will ever need! Perfecting the way you cool your system, safely and paving the way to the future. 

UV reactive

And it glows ...

By the addition of different coloring materials, Feser is able to add appropriateFeser One - F1 - Cooling Fluid - UV BLACK color to the coolant. With addition of UV active materials, so-called artificial tracers, the liquid begins to glow when ultraviolet light hits the material in the liquid. For theses effects you only need a CCFL / UV Cold Cathode light tube, such as this dual CCFL UV kit from Logisys.

Corrosion protection

For longer life of your system ...

Our priority for the liquid is to improve corrosion protection. Different manufacturers of liquid cooling systems use different metals in their systems. To protect all these kinds of metals we developed a cooling agent, which protects the metals COPPER, ALUMINUM, BRASS and NICKEL.

The characteristic here is with the inhibitors, which prevents corrosion of all metal parts in the cooling circuit at the same time. With this feature, Feser One is compatible with each system.



- Non Conductive
- UV Reactive properties
- Stable HDPE upright bottle
- Conductivity < 10 S/cm (20C)
- Dropper Cap - no funnel needed
- Ready for use - no mixing needed
- Corrosion protection for copper, brass, aluminum and nickel
- Prevents algae growth within your water cooling system
- Compatible with all available PC liquid-cooling systems
- Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

Friendly to the Environment


Do not mix this coolant with any other aftermarket additives, this may compromise the non conductive formula. Do not mix colors in this coolant, if any extra UV additive needs to be added use Feser One or Feser View to keep conductivity levels down. If used for long periods of time the UV properties of this coolant will naturally fade, you can use Feser View UV Dye to fix this. Do not mix different color. Feser One coolants together, chemical reactions can occur if Feser One coolants are mixed together. No other additives are needed, we have 4 anti corrosives inside! Regular water changes are advised (maximum 1 year). Depending on your hose size, type and wall thickness, Feser One may react differently under uv light in different cooling systems. We have tested this product as replacement coolant in every leading manufacturers watercooling system with great results!

Non Conductivity Test







While Feser and other companies may state a coolant to be non-conductive, we recommend that you treat any water-based liquid in your PC as having the ability to conduct electricity. Take the necessary precautions and safeguards to ensure a leak-free operation.

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Feser One F1 Cooling Fluid - UV BLACK - 1 Liter

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