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Heatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - Black

Heatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - Black

Heatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - Black

Heatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - BlackHeatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - Black

Product Description & Info

The new Heatkiller HTF4, or Heat Transformer-Flat series radiators are the next step up the evolutionary ladder. No compromises were made to the youngest member of the series, to achieve top cooling performance, appearance, functionality and the proven quality of Watercool EK.

New technologies incorporated into the development process.

What is new is the cooling geometry. This is based on the very powerful and successful MO-RA3 design, but was developed further. The type of flow was adjusted at HTF4. Conventional heat exchangers are traversed from one to the other side. The cooling medium flows in this case either U-shape with multiple bends or meanders from one to the other side, the flow direction is always at an angle of 90 ° to the fans. When the HTF4 HTF4 pressure drop contrast, in planes parallel to the cooling geometry, ie the planes are parallel to the fan. This process provides a more even distribution of heat in the heat exchanger and thus also for a better performance. Thanks to the seven parallel rows of tubes through which flow the flow resistance is very low, the modular port adapters are also designed for maximum flow.

Even when HTF4 again only high quality raw materials used in production. The rows of tubes are manufactured from pure electrolytic copper, the slats of high quality aluminum. For blade was intentionally left a coating. This improves the efficiency of the radiator. When a robust body powder coating provides optimum protection against external influences.

The series is a purebred HTF4 140mm radiator series. They are constructed completely symmetrical, the fans can be mounted on both sides. The connections can be used by both sides. For the recording of most systems connecting four G ¼ inch thread are available. M3 thread for fan mounting are embedded in the casing. The design is optimized for the HTF4 slowly rotating fan.

The HTF4 has an extensive range of accessories. Optional Stands, fan panels and brackets make it an absolute eye-catcher. For internal mounting, he's almost too good.

All this makes the new HTF4 an absolute high-end radiator.

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Heatkiller HTF4 Series Radiator - 3x140 LT - Black

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