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Lamptron EVO-G Mouse Bungee - MB-1

Lamptron EVO-G Mouse Bungee - MB-1

Lamptron EVO-G Mouse Bungee - MB-1

Product Description & Info

Evolution Gaming Gear - the name says it all and then called the new force in gaming peripherals sector simply Evo-G. In addition to various mousepads, the manufacturer offers these practical Mouse Bungee. This fixes the mouse cable and allows a game feeling like a cordless rodents. This is the bungee cord into the clamped and no longer needs to be taken with every movement on the ground. Due to the reduced friction, the movements smoother and also snagging the cable on the table edge or other obstacles will be effectively prevented. First, the MB-1 has a very compact design with an oval base. The top is two-fold extension and extends into the air at the same time. The cable is finally pushed into the recess of the rubber tip, and thus fixed. An additional rubber coating of the floor provides a level of verrutschfesten bungees.

Note: The depicted mouse not included.




Technical details:

  • Size: 72 x 33 x 100 mm (WxHxD)
  • Material: plastic / rubber
  • Color: Black / Orange

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Lamptron EVO-G Mouse Bungee - MB-1  

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