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mCubed Analogue Extension Set

mCubed Analogue Extension Set

mCubed Analogue Extension Set

mCubed Analogue Extension SetmCubed Analogue Extension Set

Product Description & Info
Emergency switch-off:
If a certain temperature is exceeded, or the water flow is below or above a limit, the emergency switch will be activated. It is connected between ATX power switch and mainboard. First a soft switch-off will be tried (Windows shut down), after a while a hard switch-off. Limits and times are custom configurable.

Analog sensors:
You can connect up to 6 analog temperature sensors, thin foil sensors (0.4mm) or water temperature probes.

A separate microprocessor is linearising the analog sensors. By standard analog sensors have strong deviations. But with linearising, analog sensors get so precise that their performance comes close to that of the digital sensors.

The sensor bus will be connected like the digital sensors over the bus to the T-Balancer. Analog sensors can be used in addition to the digital sensors. That sums up to 14 possible temperature sensors.

You can connect up to 2 flow-meters and configure the pulse rate to ensure a high compatibility to other flow-meters.

Dimensions: 60x35x20mm
Needed Hardware: TBAN-XL or TBAN-SL4
Needed Software: 2.0 (available as Beta at the moment)
Package contents: sensor hub, connection cable, 4 analog foil sensors, ATX power switch cable, velcros

Please note! For the use of the sensor hub you will need software version 2 .x


The emergency switch-off is included. Additionally thin foil analog temperature sensors are included. These sensors are very sensitive to any temperature changes.


color yellow/orange
thickness 0.45mm
cable length 80 cm
resistor 10KOhm

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mCubed Analogue Extension Set

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