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Microcool ChipSink Cooling Kit

Microcool ChipSink Cooling Kit

Microcool ChipSink Cooling Kit

Product Description & Info

These Microcool ChipSinks are ideal for keeping your system component heat under control. Each sink is manufactured to exact specifications, and cut out of a thick, high-quality aluminum for fast dissipation. Every package includes 8 ChipSinks. Six of them are designed for attachment to the MOSFET power regulators, normally found near the ATX power connector. Two additional ChipSinks are to be placed on the PLL chips. These typically regulate your front side bus speed. The higher your FSB, the hotter they run. This is how extreme users will achieve higher and more stable front side bus clock speeds. All ChipSinks come prepped with a peel-off Chromerics T405 thermal interface pad. For optimum conductivity we recommend Arctic Silver or Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive.

Dimensions of PLL ChipSink: 12x15x18 mm
Dimensions of MOSFET ChipSink: 12x12x18 mm

The six MOSFET ChipSinks also fit perfectly with BGA memory, as shown in the image below.

   3 ChipSinks pictured on an Epox 8k3a+ motherboard. The middle chipsink is one VERY tight fit. Be sure to check for clearance on your mobo. Also note some motherboards have MOSFETs on the back. You'll have to get creative with boards such as these. (i.e. cut into your motherboard tray to make room for the chipsinks on the back) One of two larger PLL chipsinks, shown on this Epox 8k3a+ mobo.

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Microcool ChipSink Cooling Kit

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