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Microcool - Core Protective Rubbers - 5 Pack

Microcool - Core Protective Rubbers - 5 Pack

Microcool - Core Protective Rubbers - 5 Pack

Product Description & Info
The small expanding rubber frames are an ideal solution to prevent the processor cores or chipsets, without their own protective packaging, from chipping or breaking during installation of the cooler. The protective rubbers were created in such a way that once subjected to the pressure of the cooler during fixing to the socket or the motherboard, they maintain the object in a perfectly flat position on the core surfaces. You therefore avoid the risk of unloading the weight onto the edges of the chip and causing it to break. The particular material used for the protective rubbers enables it to be cut or molded at will. Furthermore, the tape allows for convenient fixing in one simple application.

Technical Specifications


30(L)x30(W) mm


Expanded rubber

Volume reduction


Most chipsets on the motherboard are encapsulated in a plastic sheath, while processors are almost always covered by a metal plate that protects the core. Such solution is used by the manufacturers to have a larger surface to install the heatsink, facilitating the installation and minimizing the risk of damaging the chip.
damaged coreIf on the one side this protection is optimum to prevent irreparable damages during the heatsink installation, on the other side it considerably increases the heat transmission resistance. For this reason, several expert users prefer using chips without such protection and applying the heatsink directly on the core surface.
Browsing through the forums it is common to find users that have broken the core of their processor while they where installing the cooling system. This happens because the core surface is much smaller than the heatsink base and an uneven pressure while installing is sufficient to make the heatsink weight relieve on the chip edge only, thus breaking it. The core protective rubbers are especially designed to ensure even pressure during the installation of the cooling system and perfect contact between the heat sink base and the core surface. In fact, during the installation of the heatsink, the weight is first relieved on the rubber only and when an even pressure is reached, sufficient for compressing the rubber by about half its initial volume, the heatsink base touches the core. In this way, the rubbers act as shock absorbers and eliminate the risk of chipping and breaking the processor or the chipset.

Exposed Core CPU With Core Protective Rubber

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Microcool - Core Protective Rubbers - 5 Pack  

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