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Microcool Northpole PRO Complete Chipset Cooling Kit

Microcool Northpole PRO Complete Chipset Cooling Kit

Microcool Northpole PRO Complete Chipset Cooling Kit

Product Description & Info

Whether you're an extremist or are searching for a good looking, high-quality replacement to that cheap stock Northbridge heatsink, the Microcool Northpole chipset cooler has it all!

The Northpole

The majority of decent chipset coolers on the market tend to be circular in design. Thus, as a result they will have some fitting issues with certain motherboards where capacitor clearance is key. Not so with the Northpole. As you can see, two simple brackets at the top of the shroud allow the user to position the Northpole such that clearance should be a mute issue on most motherboards.

The heatsink itself is a 100% copper design. It has 26 fins that are designed using skive technology. The shroud casing for the fan is a very durable, black aluminum. Overall dimensions are 46x43x51mm, and weight is a hefty 195 grams. The shroud bolts onto the sides of the sink via two screws on either side. 

We were rather surprised at what we found after examining the shroud. The fan that Microcool has chosen is none other than the magnetic levitation
series from Sunon. Specifications are as follows:

40x40x20mm, 10.8 CFM @ 8200 RPM, 27.5 dBA, 1.6 watts, .13 amps, 12v DC, standard 3 pin Molex connector. 

These specs should allow the cooler to be directly plugged into any modern motherboard header without risk of overload. 

The Northpole mounting is designed for motherboard chipsets with two holes around them.
The standoffs mount in the two stock holes, and then the cooler is mounted via the included 
screw and spring accessories. It's a simple, easy and effective design.

Every Northpole kit comes handsomely packaged and with a users guide in multiple languages.



The ChipSinks

Every Northpole package includes 8 additional accessories called ChipSinks. Six of them are designed for attachment to the MOSFET power regulators, normally found near the ATX power connector. Two additional ChipSinks are to be placed on the PLL chips. These typically regulate your front side bus speed. The higher your FSB, the hotter they run. This is how extreme users will achieve higher and more stable front side bus clock speeds. All ChipSinks come prepped with a peel-off Chromerics T405 thermal interface pad. For optimum conductivity we recommend Arctic Silver or Arctic Alumina thermal adhesive.

Dimensions of PLL ChipSink: 12x15x18 mm
Dimensions of MOSFET ChipSink: 12x12x18 mm

The spring retension system. The Northpole mounts into two handy standoffs.
3 ChipSinks pictured on an Epox 8k3a+ motherboard. The middle chipsink is one VERY tight fit. Be sure to check for clearance on your mobo. Also note some motherboards have MOSFETs on the back. You'll have to get creative with boards such as these. (i.e. cut into your motherboard tray to make room for the chipsinks on the back) One of two larger PLL chipsinks, shown on this Epox 8k3a+ mobo.


Hook Adapter (1 pc)

Included in this revised and complete Northpole PRO Kit is the essential Hook Adapter accessory kit, which allows the use of the Microcool Northpole on all motherboards that have the northbridge cooler attached via the standardized Intel "hook" retention mechanism. This particular adaptor was developed to guarantee a convenient and effective installation on the motherboard equipped with the latest generation Intel™ chipset (i865 and i875).
This exclusive design and the high quality construction allows the regulation of attachment pressure using the screws, while avoiding the possibility of accidental damage such as detaching the mounting holes from the board.

Included in the package:

- Two standoffs for the mounting holes
- Two brackets adapted for tabs
- Four stabilizing rubber washers
- One Allen wrench


SouthSink (1 pc) and MicroSinks (8 pcs)

For additional cooling, the Northpole PRO Kit also includes the Black SouthSink and Eight (8) MicroSinks. For complete specifications on each part, click the appropriate link here:


Reviews on the Northpole, which we highly recommend reading, can be found here:




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Microcool Northpole PRO Complete Chipset Cooling Kit

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