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Shinetsu 35x35mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved! (PCS-TC-11T-13-35)

Shinetsu 35x35mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved! (PCS-TC-11T-13-35)

Shinetsu 35x35mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved! (PCS-TC-11T-13-35)

Product Description & Info
This Shin-Etsu PCS-TC-11T-13 thermal pad is one of only a select few AMD approved Thermal interface materials. Shin-Etsu's phase change thermal pads soften at 48C and flow into surface irregularities of the heatsink and CPU, reducing contact resistance. These pads are 35 millimeters square. We brought in this larger pad due to popular demand, and is more appropriate for today's large IHS CPUs, i.e. Athlon 64, X2, etc.  Features

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very low thermal resistance which improves with aging
  • Applying heat and pressure further lowers the thermal resistance. 
  • Excellent initial (assembly) and long term adhesion
  • Excellent process ability and transfer to the heat sink
  • Thermally stable products
  • Available in bulk quantities at discounted rates for OEMs & Systems Integrators

General Properties

Benefit: General Purpose
Color: Gray
Thickness: 130 m (micrometers or microns)
Specific Gravity 25C: 2.5
Softening Point C: 48
Thermal Conductivity W/m-C: 3.8

Thermal Resistance C cm2 /W 75 m 0.27
50 m 0.22


Each square pad is hand cut with plastic backing on both sides. To install the pad use the following instructions (click on the links in each step for images)

Step 1. Clean your heatsink and processor. We recommend using Akasa's Tim Clean or Arctic Silver's ArctiClean. For the 35 millimeter Shinetsu, we use an Athlon 64 3400+.  

Step 2. Using your fingernail, remove the plastic opposite of the green side of the pad. It helps to start peeling the plastic at one corner. For Integrated Heat spreader processors such as this one, place the pad on the core directly. If you have an Athlon XP processor, it is suitable to place the pad on your heatsink first. The 25x25 mm pads are more suitable for Athlon XP cores. The plastic should peel off easily.

Step 3. Position the exposed pad overtop of your core (or heatsink) and press it down firmly from one side to the next.

Step 4. Remove the white plastic by pulling on the section not covering the pad. Again it helps to start pulling it off at one corner. For larger cores, this should lift off the pad without pulling the material off at all. For smaller cores such as Athlon XP processors and GPUs, a perfect cutout of the contact area will rip away on its own, leaving the good section on the core.

Step 5. The TIM is applied and your GPU/CPU is ready for its heatsink/waterblock.

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Shinetsu 35x35mm Thermal Pad - AMD Approved! (PCS-TC-11T-13-35)

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