Delta TFB0912GHE 92x38mm Extreme High Speed

Delta TFB0912GHE 92x38mm Extreme High Speed

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Since the initial release in 2000, it appears the design team at Delta has been hard at work refining their patented directional fin design. This new TFB0912GHE is considered the medium speed in their 92mm line, but there is nothing medium about it. Nearly 127 CFM is pumped out of its 38mm form factor, making it the new king of readily available 92mm fans. It is also the loudest at 59.2 dB(A). We recommend split connectors for no additional cost on this model, but if your fan controller supports at least 17 watts per channel, the 3-pin option is also available. 

Unlike some fan manufacturers whom we won't name here, Delta is known for being very accurate on their CFM numbers (some would say conservative) We were curious as to how Delta managed to squeeze an extra 26 CFM from only 600 RPM, and why this fan was so much more expensive than FFB0912EHE. It became apparent when we soldered our first batch up. The front of the fan looks like an FFB series, but its what you don't see on the backside that helps scrape every cubic foot of air through the blades. Again this is only found on their TFB line. 

Specifications: 92x92x38mm, 126.48 CFM @ 5400 RPM, 59.2 dBA, 16.20 watts, 1.35 amps, Maximum Air Pressure 21.10 mm HO, 12v DC, 3 or 3+4 pin Molex header connector(s).

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Delta TFB0912GHE 92x38mm Extreme High Speed

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