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StealthRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir

StealthRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir

StealthRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir

Product Description & Info

The Multi-Option Stealth Reservoir 225 is a clear example of a reservoir done right.  A simple glance is all it takes to notice its superior styling (high grade materials, internal threads for a extra-clean look, powder-coated, steel, spring-loaded clamps), but what really sets this reservoir apart is in its internal design.  The top and bottom end caps are identical length for increased symmetry, however end cap has its own, unique qualities.  The top cap is hollowed, thereby allowing customers to fill pass the transparent tube; thus eliminating the waterline.  The bottom cap has an internal, anti-cyclone design; it is NOT VISIBLE.  No need to purchase an additional anti-cyclone insert!


Extended hollow top cap allows waterline to be hidden
Low profile integrated anti-cyclone
Stealth reservoir threads for a clean look
Mounting clamps are laser cut and powder coated steel for high durability
Clamp fingers are spring loaded for constant tension and rubberized to prevent scratching
End caps machined from solid high grade acetal billet
100% made in the USA, down to the nuts and screws
Lifetime Warranty on all Stealth Reservoirs purchased through Sidewinder Computers


Material:  High grade acetal (end caps) and acrylic (tube)
Height:  225 mm
Diameter:  50mm
Threads: 4x G1/4
Fittings:  Plugs and 1/2" Barbs are Included (as of 03/23/2011)

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StealthRes 225 Multi-Option Reservoir

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