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Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)

Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)

Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)

Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)

Product Description & Info
The Molex version is discontinued. See our SATA version

The function of the new Swiftech 8-Way PWM Splitter is to connect up to 8 PWM devices (fans and/or pumps) to a single PWM fan connector on the motherboard, thus enabling speed-control of all connected PWM devices concurrently. At this price level, this is the only device of its kind on the market today.

We generally recommend to use the “CPU_Fan” connector of the motherboard, because most motherboard manufacturers usually allow a greater range of adjustments on this particular connector.  PWM capable connectors must necessarily be 4-pin, but not all 4-pin motherboard connectors implement or enable the PWM signal modulation by default. Please carefully consult your motherboard documentation in this respect.

Since only one RPM signal can be read by one motherboard connector, only channel 1 of the PWM splitter carries an RPM signal; thus the motherboard will only read the RPM signal of the PWM device that is connected to channel 1 of the splitter. 

  • The PWM signal cable has 2 wires: 1 for the PWM signal, and 1 for the RPM signal.
  • Power to the PWM splitter is supplied by a separate power cabe that must be connected to the Power supply.
  • Junction housing including: (8) Males 4-pin connectors  - Channel 1 carries RPM signal
  • (1) Female 4-pin mini-connector
  • (1) Males Molex 4-pin connector
  • Peel-off sticker
  • Mounting screws
  • RoHS compliant

Simple Troubleshooting

"All the devices connected to my splitter work at 100% but I cannot vary their speed"
  1. Check that the splitter mini-4 pin PWM signal cable is correctly connected to the CPU_Fan connector of the motherboard
  2. Enable "Manual Fan Control" in the motherboard BIOS
"The device(s) connected to my splitter do not work" 
  1. Check that the splitter power cable is connected to the power supply
  2. Check that the non-functioning device female 4-pin connector is correctly inserted in all 4 pins of the splitter connector: in effect, it may be possible to inadvertantly offset the female connector by one pin by slghtly forcing its insertion, so be careful about this!
"I am getting a "CPU fan error" when I turn on the computer"
  1. Make sure that a device is connected to channel 1 of the PWM splitter. If the motherboard CPU_Fan header does not read an RPM signal, it will return such error by default.
  2. Check that the device connected to Channel 1 of the PWM splitter is correctly inserted in its connector.
  3. Check that the power cable of the PWM splitter is connected to power supply.
"I connected the PWM splitter to an auxiliary 4-pin connector that was indicated as PWM capable by my Motherboard manual, but I can't vary the speed of my devices"
  1. Other than the CPU_Fan connector which is PWM enabled by default, most of the motherboards 4-pin connectors feature two methods of speed adjustment in order to allow control of both types of fans, the 3-pins which are voltage controlled, and the 4-pins which are PWM controlled. As a result, the PWM functionality must be enabled in the BIOS before it can actually work. Please consult your motherboard manual for a "how To".
  2. Since the "CPU_Fan" motherboard connector is PWM enabled by default, we recommend that you connect the splitter to the CPU_Fan connector in order to ascertain its functionality.
"I am connecting the splitter to a PWM fan controller instead of the motherboard, and it doesn't work"
  • Not all PWM fan controllers are compatible. Please read this white paper for further explanations and a list of compatible devices.


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Swiftech 8 Way PWM Splitter Molex Version (8W-PWM-SPL)  

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