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Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance Waterblock

Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance Waterblock

Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance Waterblock

Product Description & Info

Discontinued, Check out the Apogee HD In our CPU Waterblocks section.


ap·o·gee: The farthest or highest point; the apex; a final climactic stage

The Apogee™ GTZ is Swiftech's new flagship water-block. While it shares the same name with its predecessors, it also leaps beyond the GT and GTX performance charts thanks to an entirely new design that pushes and refines both thermal and mechanical specifications to the limits of today's technology.

Performance Data

  • Thermal Design

Thermal design of the cooling engine combines the benefits of direct coolant impingement over the CPU area with an entirely new copper base plate design which is primarily characterized by a pin matrix composed of 225 µm (0.009") micro structures. This results in a 20% improvement in thermal resistance compared to the Apogee™ GTX.

  • Pressure Drop Specification

pressure drop vs flow rate

  • System flow Rate

When the Apogee™ GTZ is integrated in an actual system, the hydraulic pressure drop remains well within the efficiency range of current high-pressure pumps such as the MCP350 or MCP655 as illustrated in the graph below:


  • Mechanical Design

Mechanical design of the copper base plate is optimized for Intel® socket LGA 775 and 771. The assembly features a patent pending design characterized by a topographically mapped CPU contact area which results in a 75% and up to 300% improvement in TIM joint thermal resistance compared to the Apogee™ GT/GTX series. Other types of sockets such as AMD® socket F, AM2, and 940 as well as upcoming sockets similar in design to that of socket 775 may also benefit from the enhanced contact area.

  • Retention Mechanism

An enhanced tool free retention system using thumb-nuts paired with a universal socket 775 motherboard back-plate guarantee high quality, safe and repeatable mounts.

  • Comparative Temperature Data

The following tables report the data collected from testing performed with actual retail processors under 100% load using CPU Burn. Published results are the best of a minimum of 5 mounts using the manufacturer supplied retention mechanism. Flow rate and coolant inlet temperature were maintained at a constant and arbitrarily chosen 1.5 gpm and 30 °C respectively. These results are indicative of our test bench settings and of the tested processors only. Results may vary from one processor to another. Competitive data is provided for comparative purposes, and is only representative of the specific waterblock samples tested here. Where different nozzles were available, best results are provided. Where temperatures only are given, these are averaged- out core values reported by the processor Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS).

Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 G0
(@3500 Mhz - 1.38/1.50 V Actual/Bios)
Apogee™ GTZ 50.25 °C
Apogee™ GTX 58.00 °C
Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9450
(@3500 Mhz - 1.27/1.40 V Actual/Bios)
Apogee™ GTZ
61.50 °C
EK Supreme
62.25 °C
D-Tek Fuzion V2 (with 4.5mm nozzle)
62.75 °C
Apogee™ GTX 64.25 °C
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 B3
(@3000 Mhz - 1.47/1.55 V Actual/Bios)
Apogee™ GTZ 55.50°C
D-Tek Fuzion V2 (with 4.5mm nozzle) 56.50°C
EK Supreme 57.00°C
Apogee™ GTX 58.00°C

The following table compares C/W data calculated between temperatures reported by the DTS and those measured from a modified processor featuring an additional thermocouple located at the center of the IHS.

Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 G0
(@3500 MHz – 1.38/1.50 V Actual/Bios)
@1.5gpm C/W (DTS) C/W (IHS)
Apogee™ GTZ .143 .054
EK Supreme .152 .058
D-Tek Fuzion V2 (4.5mm nozzle) .159 .066
Apogee™ GTX .203 .094


Motherboard and CPU Compatibility

The Apogee™ GTZ is shipped with an Intel® Core™ 2 (socket 775) compatible hold-down plate and complies with socket 775 keep-out specification, thus guaranteeing compatibility with all socket 775 type motherboards.

Two optional hold-down plates provide compatibility with the following processors:

  • Part # MCW60-1U-HD, provides compatibility with
    • Intel® Xeon socket 771, and legacy 603, 604
    • AMD® socket F, and legacy 754, 939, 940
    • Due to the hybrid nature of this hold-down solution, users are advised to check for possible clearance issues with their particular motherboards by using the schematic below.

  • Part # ApogeeGTX-AM2-HD, provides compatibility with AMD® Socket AM2, and is fully compliant with the component keep-out specification.

Fittings & tubing compatibility

The Apogee™ GTZ ships pre-installed with chrome plated high flow 1/4" BSPP x 1/2" barbs and also includes a pair of 3/8" barb fittings.

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  • Exploded View

exploded view
Exploded view

  • The CNC machined C110 copper base is lapped, passivated (to maintain a bright finish) and features a 225 µm (0.009") micro pin matrix.

The base plate features a rich mirror finish.


pin matrix
The 225 µm (0.009") micro pin matrix is at the heart of the Apogee™ GTZ lowest ever thermal resistance.


  • The cold plate surface is topographically mapped to provide an optimized TIM joint with socket 775 & 771 processors. As a result, the Apogee™ GTZ requires a specific mounting orientation with respect to the CPU socket in order to optimize performance as illustrated below:


  • The housing is CNC machined out of durable Delrin material, and designed for impingement cooling over the CPU hottest area. The flow path, as illustrated below shows that the Apogee™ GTZ is port specific: inlet and outlet cannot be interchanged.

flow path


  • Dimensions

  • Net Weight: 239 g

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Swiftech Apogee GTZ Extreme Performance Waterblock

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