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Swiftech GX2 Spacer kit

Swiftech GX2 Spacer kit

Swiftech GX2 Spacer kit

Product Description & Info


The 7950 GX2 Spacer kit is the brainchild of John Hillig AKA ViperJohn who approached us with this brilliant idea a few months ago, a concept that we bought into right away.

The GX2 spacer kit doubles the spacing between the 2 cards composing nVidia's 7950GX2 VGA, allowing users to install their existing MCW60 high-performance water-block, together with the MC14 BGA Ramsinks. This provides a low-cost high performance and low-noise cooling approach to the 7950GX2 SLI card.


The GX2 Spacer kit is only compatible with nVidia's Geforce 7950GX2, and does preclude quad-SLI configurations.

Typical setup


The spacer kit is composed of a set of:

  • 3 Male-Female 4-40 standoffs
  • 1 Female-female pass-thru standoff
  • 1 Female-Female 4-40 standoff
  • 1 4-40 philips screw
  • 1 MC14 Ramsink (for the SLI switch chip)
  • 1 extended PCB.

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Swiftech GX2 Spacer kit

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