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Swiftech MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir

Swiftech MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir

Swiftech MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir

Product Description & Info

The MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir shares all the good things that characterized the classic MCRES Micro in size, quality, and provided accessories, but it also includes additional enhancements and functionalities that have been requested by enthusiast users:

  • The most noticeable feature is an additional port at the bottom of the unit. This port can be used as follows:
          o as an alternate outlet providing a straight tube routing to a pump located underneath
          o to feed a second pump
          o to plug-in a temperature sensor
          o as a drain

  • All threads, including the fill-port which was previously a PG7 standard, are now 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) compatible
  • New 1/4" BSPP (G1/4) plugs made of high polish chrome plated brass, are used for both the fill-port and the alternate outlet port.
  • A vent was added to the anti-turbulence baffle to eliminate the formation of a small air bubble that occured in the previous model.

In conjunction with the release of the MCRES Micro Revision 2, new fittings are now available to complement and enhance the use of this product:

  • 1/4" BSPP(G1/4) to 1/2" barb high-polish chrome plated brass fill-port fitting: specially designed to fit inside of the fill-port or alternate outlet cavity of the MCRES Micro Rev 2 and to facilitate the use of a 5/8" socket to fasten the fitting
1/4" BSPP-1/2" RPF

  • 1/2" Remote fill-port fitting: this type of panel mount fitting allows users to fill-up or refill their system from outside of the PC, or can alternatively be used as a drain; the fitting connects with 1/2" tubing to either the MCRES Micro Fill-port barb fitting (described above) or to a T-Line. Two models are available, black anodized aluminum body, or high polish chrome plated brass body. The high-polish chrome plated brass plug conveniently protrudes from the flange of the fitting for frequent access, and can be fastened either with a flat screw driver or a 5/8 socket. A standard 5/8" bimetal hole saw is all it takes to drill the panel and install the fitting.

                                                1/2" FPF-AL           1/2" FPF-CPB
                                              Black anodized           High Polish Chrome
                                                aluminum body          plated brass body

Picture Gallery
The MCRES Micro with included black nylon fittings, and optional fill-port barb installed on top

The MCRES Micro with included black nylon fittings, included brackets, and optional fill-port barb installed to the alternate outlet


Same as above, with Optional chrome plated brass 1/2" fitting

A third party temperature sensor with 1/4" BSPP threads can easily be installed to the alternate outlet.



  • Material: Clear acrylic laser-cut panel
  • Dimensions: schematic above
  • Maximum capacity:4.5 fl oz (133 cc)
  • shipped with (2) each 3/8" and 1/2" barb fittings
  • Recommended cooling fluid: distilled water + 5 or 10% of Swiftech's Hydrx

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Swiftech MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir

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