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Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir - Retail w/Revised Mounting Kit

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir - Retail w/Revised Mounting Kit

Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir - Retail w/Revised Mounting Kit

Product Description & Info

NEW: The MCRes-Micro is shipped with a set of adjustable brackets to further facilitate installation of the product.


The patent pending MCRES-MICRO is a small form factor reservoir designed to operate quietly and reliably with high flow pumps such as Swiftech's MCP350 and MCP655 models (3/8" and 1/2" lines). The patent pending design features an angled baffle forcing the turbulent flow at the bottom of the reservoir. This allows it to function without air entrainment at low fluid levels and affords extended usage without refills for approximately 2 years.

Features & Benefits

Small size: 4 x 3 x 1.5" (100x76x38mm) Can be installed in most systems including many small form factor cases without sacrificing a CD-ROM bay.
Separated from the pump Can fit in smaller spaces than integrated pump/reservoir setups.
Anchoring ears, and velcro pads Easy to install against case panels, either with the supplied velcro pads, or permanently with screws.
NEW! Adjustable brackets Greatly facilitate installation and are adjustable in all 3 axis.
Specially designed for high-flow pumps No annoying sloshing sounds and completely free of any air entrainment even at the lowest possible operating levels.
Patent pending baffle design Approximately 24 month of continuous operations without refills (*) in 3/8" systems, and 18 months in 1/2" systems.
Cosmetic appeal Transparent acrylic panel construction.
Built-in reliability Stress related cracks found in other acrylic constructions is eliminated by design: straight NPSM threads do not induce stress compared to NPT (tapered) threads.
1/2" and 3/8" barbs included Universal use with high flow systems.
Fill-port cap and NPSM barb fittings use O-ring Highest reliability thanks to O-ring seal.

(*) Refills are necessary to compensate for the evaporation of the fluid through vinyl lines which are slightly porous. The above specifications are estimated from actual tests performed for a duration of 10 months, with a system composed of MCW6000 waterblock, MCR120 radiator and MCP350 pump, 6 feet of 3/8" vinyl tubing, and operating 24x7.

Sloshing sounds and air entrainment explained

One of the problems encountered with high-flow pumps is that the powerful jet created at the return line generates a high amount of turbulence and bubbles inside the reservoir. In a shallow reservoir, such as those used in 3 1/2 or 5 1/4" bays, the water sloshing inside the container makes annoying sounds, and at low levels bubbles tend to be entrained back into the system, reducing cooling efficiency. Even when sloshing sounds and turbulence are properly controlled such as in Swiftech's MCRES-1000 for instance, refills in shallow reservoirs tend to be more frequent as the fluid level operating range (distance between minimum level and maximum level) is much shorter.

The MCRES-MICRO eliminates these problem, as shown in the movies below:

Test setup: Storm waterblock, MCR220-QP radiator, MCP655 pump, 6 feet of 1/2" tubing

The first example shows the reservoir being operated below the minimum level, which is 1/2 of the reservoir. In this example, one can make out the turbulence-induced bubbles starting to be entrained back into the loop.

Click icon below to view movie in either QuickTime (.mov) or Windows Movie Player (.mpg) format

The next example shows the reservoir operating at the minimum level, which corresponds to approximately two years of usage. There are no bubbles being entrained into the system.

Click icon below to view movie in either QuickTime (.mov) or Windows Movie Player (.mpg) format

The final example shows the reservoir operated at maximum level. The surface is so quiet that one can barely tell that the system is actually running.

Click icon below to view movie in either QuickTime (.mov) or Windows Movie Player (.mpg) format

Examples of installation

Examples of installation
The L bracket can make a convenient swivel, allowing to tuck the reservoir in a confined space, while still being able to fill or refill without hassle as seen in the examples above and below.
Adjustments are possible in all 3 axis: height, depth, and width.
Using the included 2 patches of Velcro, the MCRES-MICRO finds a home between the hard-drive compartment and the side panel of this Coolermaster® Wavemaster case. A permanent attach using screws is also possible at the user's choice..
A complete installation in this Small Form Factor "Hornet" model shows how the MCRES-MICRO fits perfectly between the hard-drive cage and the back panel.


  • Material: Clear acrylic laser-cut panel
  • Dimensions: see schematic above
  • Maximum capacity: 4.5 fl oz (133 cc)
  • Shipped with (2) each 3/8" and 1/2" barb fittings
  • Recommended cooling fluid: distilled water + 5% Swiftech's Hydrx

Parts Included

  • Reservoir
  • (2) 3/8" barbs, (2) 1/2" barbs
  • (1) fill-port plug
  • Mounting screws
  • (2) Velcro pads

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Swiftech MCRES-MICRO Reservoir - Retail w/Revised Mounting Kit

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