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Thermalright HR-09U Type 1 Mosfet Cooler

Thermalright HR-09U Type 1 Mosfet Cooler

Thermalright HR-09U Type 1 Mosfet Cooler

Product Description & Info

The HR-09 MOSFET cooler with its patented design will expand your system’s life expectancy and creates a stable condition not only during normal operation but also when you increase the frequency and voltage to overclock. Now heat is no more an issue.

The HR-09 comes in two distinctive designs and types (sold separately); HR-09U and HR-09S. The difference lies in positioning and orientation of the fins and heatpipe. For HR-09U, which fits most major motherboards, sits upright. It is the choice when you have no obstacles to hinder the installation of HR-09U. As for HR-09S, which sits at a slant angle, would be the choice when you have a big CPU heatsink such as the SI-128 and have limited space on your motherboard. But whatever the choice you make between HR-09U and HR-09S, know that you have nothing but the best quality and performance…now working for your MOSFET.


  • Patent pending adjustable length design
  • 6mm highly effective heatpipe
  • Proprietary through holes on fins for efficient ventilation
  • No tool for easy installation
  • Provides two types of heatsink: Upright and Slant Type

Technical Specifications

- Dimension : L84 x W17 x H48
- Weigh t: 90g

- Dimension : L84 x W32.3 x H48
- Weight : 90g (heatsink only)

Motherboard Compatibilities

Long Side for Gigabyte-Intel 965P&Nvidia680i Chipset

Short Side For Asus-Intel 975X,965P&Nvidia 680i,Nfoce590 Chipset

Installation Instructions

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Thermalright HR-09U Type 1 Mosfet Cooler

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