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Tygon R3603 - 1 Box of AAC00038 - 50 Feet

Tygon R3603 - 1 Box of AAC00038 - 50 Feet

Tygon R3603 - 1 Box of AAC00038 - 50 Feet

Product Description & Info
When you'll settle for nothing less than the best inside your liquid cooled rig, tubing by Tygon is what you're after. This R3603 1/2" Inner Diameter (12.7 mm), 3/4" Outer Diameter (17.4 mm) tubing has a wall thickness of 1/8 inch (3.175 mm). Because of its extra thickness, AAC00038 has a lesser tendency to retain memory of a bend over a longer period of time versus our 1/16 inch stock.

Specifications: Part # AAC00038, 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD, Wall Thickness 1/8", Minimum Bend Radius 1 1/2", Maximum Working Pressure at 73F (psi): 25, Vacuum Rating, In. of Mercury at 73F: 21.


Outstanding Chemical Resistance
Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results
Increases productivity in peristaltic pumps - outlasts other clear tubing 2 to 1
Standard sizes available to hold full vacuum at room temperature
Smooth, polished inner wall
Non-aging and non-oxidizing
Meets FDA CFR part 175.300 criteria


Note: Please be sure this tubing is appropriate for your application, once the tubing is cut we do not accept returns on this product. If you're not sure, email or call us.

Tygon is packaged in 50 foot boxes. Choose the number of feet you'd like in the Quantity Field below.
We will make every effort to insure your tubing run is an uncut, continuous length.

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Tygon R3603 - 1 Box of AAC00038 - 50 Feet  

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