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(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black

(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black

(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black

(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black

Product Description & Info

The Infinite Horizontal (formerly the Absolute) and Infinite Vertical (formerly the 3G) are the newest members to the (UN) lineup. The only limit to your mounting requirements really is your imagination.  You now have infinite ways to mount your pumps, reservoirs, or whatever else you can think of. By having the pump swivel around the bracket, you can help eliminate kinks in the tubing which allows for more possibilities for pump mounting.  These can be used for much more than pumps though. Simple to install, comes with all the hardware to mount the bracket. Requires the stock rubber grommets for the DDC pumps and the stock mounting screws for the D5.


• Application: Laing DDC pump (aka Swiftech MCP350/MCP355), Danger Den DDC and DDC 3.2, Laing D4/D5 pump (aka Swiftech MCP650/MCP655(-B), Danger Den D4/D5 Vario and Basic, D-Tek D4/D5 Vario and Basic, most aftermarket tops.
• Increased airflow around the pump- especially in the DDC series
• Everything is slotted now so it’s possible to make micro adjustment when mounting pumps, etc.
• Helps to reduce vibration
• There is a new swivel point on the base which rotates the arm 360 degrees allowing even more adjustments.
• Horizontal version is lower than the 3G to allow more room to mount in the bottom of cases
• Powder Coated Black Finish

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(UN)Designs Infinite Bracket - Vertical - Black  

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