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(UN)Designs Rad Spacers - Thermochill 1

(UN)Designs Rad Spacers - Thermochill 1

(UN)Designs Rad Spacers - Thermochill 1

Product Description & Info

With the Rad spacer you can cover the gap between two radiators and finally hide all those unsightly wires. Made from Powder Coated Steel these spacers will add that finishing touch. They also make a great place to mount your case lighting. This model fits the Thermochill 1 spacing. To find the correct spacer just measure the distance between the two mounting holes in your radiators.


Fits standard (original) Thermochill Spacing
Helps to hide wires
Extra mounting location for case lighting
Gives that clean finished look
Anodized Aluminum

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(UN)Designs Rad Spacers - Thermochill 1  

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